Our Origin and Tradition

From the historic land of the Phoenicians, who spread the Alphabet to the world, and under the Mediterranean sunlight, from the heart of the North of Lebanon, where lands the richest Olive Sourani Trees groove, with some theories suggest that the origin of the olive tree is first grew along the coasts of Lebanon, and their Oil is known to have been used in the Middle East for at least 8,000 years.

The sixteen ancient olive trees in Lebanon known as “The Sisters” are thought to be as old as 6,000 years, making them among the world’s oldest living trees that still bear fruit.

The Phoenician were the first to domesticate and adapt the wild olive tree to cultivation.  Since 1600 BC, Phoenicians brought in the olive tree to Greece and then to Italy, France, Spain and lastly North Africa.

El-Koura district located from the North shores of Lebanon to its hills on the East, lands the oldest Olive tree grooves where we pride ourselves for being born in that area and we’ve been making a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our lands have been a source of health for many decades, and offers the best healthy food, and spread it worldwide.

Sustainably grown olive produce, fresh, harvested and crushed at the same day, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil stands alone as unique dipping oil, enhance vegetables and salad, add depth and robust flavor to pasta, chicken, fish and meat, and provide a healthy substitute for butter in baked goods.


Koura Valley is an authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is Family grown, produced and bottled in the Koura Valley of North Lebanon since 1954 – the historic land of the Phoenicians where the Mediterranean sun produces some of the richest Sourani olive tree grooves in the world.
We pride ourselves in producing some of the highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world and hope to enhance all your meals and dishes with the golden taste and aroma from Lebanon, and used by top chefs in the world.
Koura Valley is your best choice for a healthy Mediterranean diet.


Healthy fats in our everyday diet like Olive Oil protects from numerous chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases and cancer. Olives Oil hold a great deal of antioxidants that is one of the components responsible dealing with inflammation with powerful health advantages. Also they are an excellent source of Vitamin E and K and carotenoids and are popular for their role in defending, nourishing and hydrating the skin and hair.


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